Uzbek cuisine recognized the tastiest in the world! Why?

Our country won 34% of the votes in the contest National Geographic Traveler Awards and confidently ahead of second and third place finishers Italy (21%) and Azerbaijan (17%). By the way, we want to remind you that National Geographic Traveler Awards is a unique competition, which annually helps travelers discovers new “best of the best” places for holidays that will surely inspire the journey of every reader.

I also want to share with you my Top 5 must-have dishes try in Uzbekistan.

1 Tandoor samsa – Uzbek pies various forms of puff pastry and stuffing from meat or pumpkin.

2 Lagman is a popular dish in Central Asia. Lagman consists of 2 parts – noodles and vaji, which are prepared separately and then combined.

3 Nukhat shurak – a dish with a delicate taste, in which combines chickpeas and lamb. His birthplace is the Samarkand region. Served on Samarkand flatbread.

4 Pilaf is a real symbol of the national kitchens. Each city prepares it differently. there are over 100 recipes, but even with such an abundance of Uzbek pilaf has its own a special taste that you will not find in any country.

5 Kazan Kabob – lamb or beef meat per

cauldron in large pieces with vegetables. You will definitely have the opportunity try these delicious national dishes cuisine during our tour to Uzbekistan.

Which dish of Uzbek cuisine do you already tried or would like to try?

Tell your impressions in the comments below.

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