Bukhara is one of the main stops on the Great Silk Road.

It was conquered by Alexander of Macedonian, destroyed Genghis Khan, revived Tamerlan. The most famous and talented people of their time lived and worked in Bukhara: the doctor Ibn Sina and the poet Omar Khayyam.

In this city, silk and cotton are not just words. Here the potters, waiters, carpet weavers have reached their perfection. And that heavenly smell of spices will make your head shake (swipe right to see the

spice trading rows). By the way, every spring the grand festival “Silk and Spice” introduces everyone to local traditions.

Bukhara is now the most intact (and therefore more valuable) preserved medieval city in Central Asia.UNESCO is taking care of the entire historical center.

Some travelers called this city Paris and London of the Middle Asia. There are so many sights here. We will introduce you to them later.

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