?‍♂ Why did Registan become the heritage of UNESCO (XV-XVII)❓

Registan is a huge square in the heart of Samarkand, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Important events were trumped here, decrees were read here, and cruel death sentences were carried out. The

blood spilled by the convicts was generously sprinkled with sand. From this, Registan got its name as a place filled with sand.

?Three magnificent Muslim universities witnessed important historical events of the ancient city: the gold-plated Madrassah Tilya-Kari, the sky-blue Madrassah Ulugbek, and the tiger-decorated Madrassa Sher-dor.

These incredible sights of the lslamic world absorbed all the secrets of antiquity and carried them through the centuries of dust of history.

In the past summers, there were rows of sales around the square where artisans and farmers sold their wares. All the major roads of Samarkand led to

Registan, where there was always busyness, and there was a roar of voices.

lt should be noted that Registan Square did not always shine with luxury and majesty. At the beginning of the XVIll century, the city was deserted. This happened as a result of the transfer of khanate to Bukhara.

Some contemporaries write about the invasion of wild beasts that have flooded the city. Only in the second half of the XVIll century did the pearl of the East begin to come alive again. In 1875, Registan

was transformed, regaining the status of a city center and also providing light shows there.

Are there any light shows in your city ?

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